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What are the advantages of living in high floors?

hnd The answer to this and others interesting questions are interesting for the buyer’s of premium-class flats, which built by “AS Group Investment”

The real estate’s specialists noted very interesting characteristic, which occurs in almost all countries. The buyers of premium-class flat are more attentive to details than the buyers of econom-class flats. Sometimes they are very fastidious relatively to very strange trifles to which potential clients of economy-class housing simply wouldn't pay attention. For example, realtors frequently meet the people who selecting to themselves the house or the apartment according to the principles the hair dryer-shuy or numerology. The love for yoga and to its principles absorbed some buyers. Some of them because of oddities reorganized the houses or re-planned of apartments in the secondary market. Happens that the buyer enters future mansion and speaks: "To me isn't pleasant the energy, left by the previous owners".

However, such strangenesses can be met and at a choice of apartments in Azerbaijan. In particular, as the head of marketing of the “AS Group Investment” company Elmir Kerimli notes, separate cases when buyers refuse to buy apartments on the 13th floor meet: "From the 13th floor of any flats of a housing estate of "Renessans Palace" which is built by our company, is open the brilliant look of the city. Nevertheless, some buyers are following the prejudices and are ready to refuse from beautiful view and to lodge in apartments of first floors". Buyers often pay attention and to practical aspects of housing of a premium class. The marketing specialist of the "AS Group Investment" company Emil Ragimov tells: "At visit the sales office of a house of a premium class "Park Residence Mingəçevir" they ask why prices for apartments on the top floors are more expensive, than on lower floors ".

The answer is simple. Apartments on the top floors have obvious advantages (including on the 13th floor), than and their high cost is caused. The first and, perhaps, the most important advantage of the top floors is a beautiful view from windows. Of course, not from each window it is possible to see sights of the city. But the look of the impressive open spaces and pleasant landscapes is much better, than to behold a gray wall of the house opposite. The second advantage is purity of air. If you live above, you absorb less harmful street smells and exhaust gas. The maximum concentration of harmful substances in the atmosphere approximately reaches the 8th floor.

The third important aspect is a noise. On higher floors the level of city noise decreases and turns into a uniform weak rumble of a low tonality. It already not so irritates hearing, especially during night rest.

Inhabitants of high floors are reliably protected from attack of arthropods of insects. A wind and birds don't allow them to rise highly from the earth. Mosquitoes without problems reach to 8-9 floors (in windless weather). Flies rise above – till 10-11 a floors. But their main congestion nevertheless is at the level up to 4 floors.

As we see, the top floors have obvious advantages that, finally, and influences their high cost.

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