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Azerbaijan won principal victory over Armenia

Besides, shooters from Azerbaijan won significant victories in international tournament in Batumi

From 12-th to 19-th October national archery team of Azerbaijan took part on the international tournament in Batumi. In tournament took part also archers from Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Iran, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel and Poland. The national team of Azerbaijan on a tournament was presented by T. Senyuk, R. Vengerov, Z.Gakhramanov, A. Guseynov, R. Mamedov, F.Alakhverdiyev, O. Senyuk, S. Mugabilzada, Ya. Ramazanova, S. Simonova, N. Zamanova, and also trainers S. Gospodinov and N. Fazilov. In general on a tournament participated 80 athletes, including 9 men's teams and 6 women's teams. The national teams of Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Armenia and Georgia were presented on a tournament, at the level of the first national teams.

In individual competitions after the first day of competitions in a starting circle the Azerbaijani athletes showed good results. In particular, T. Senyuk who scored 647 points took the 3rd place, R. Vengerov scored 645 points and took the 4th place. In general, many athletes, in comparison with last year improved the results. It is remarkable that for three young athletes it was the first international competition. In finals T. Senyuk took the 1st place. In competitions of mixed crews (Микст) T. Senyuk and O. Senyuk took the 3rd place among 14 teams.

In team competitions the men's national team (Senyuk, Vengerov, Gakhramanov) took the 2nd place, having lost in the final to team of Mongolia. And, in a semi-final the national team of Azerbaijan won against the national team of Armenia. A women's team (Senyuk, Ramazanova, Mugabilzada) took the 2nd place, having lost in the final to team of Mongolia. In a semi-final the national team of Azerbaijan won against strong Poland.

We will remind that fundamental change in this Olympic sport, happened, when the general founder of "AS Group Investment" Group of companies Shahin Movsumov became the president of Azerbaijan's national archery Federation. Since then the federation receives from "AS Group Investment" the systematic financial and organizational aid that gave an impetus to development of this sport in the country. In particular, the material base improved, some republican records were broken.

The coach of national team Sergey Gospodinov: “"Following the results of a tournament it is possible to draw conclusions that these competitions are very useful to our athletes, especially for youth which finds enormous experience. Despite the high competition, the Azerbaijani archers won one gold, two silver and one bronze medals. The good result was shown by Taras Senyuk, having repeated success of last year. In comparison with last year improved the results R. Vengerov, Ya. Ramazanova, A. Guseynov, S. Mugabilzada. Quite good result, for the first time showed R. Mamedov. O. Senyuk lost in fight for an exit in the eight to the sportswoman from Poland. But, she showed good performance in team fight.

Unfortunately, there are still shortcomings of training of athletes. Not all athletes managed to correct until the end of a mistake which are shown more at competitions and to show the real result. Trainers need to pay more attention to training of athletes and in time to eliminate defects of equipment and adjustment of onions. It is necessary to participate to a bowl on tournaments of such level. It is real opportunity for check of readiness of athletes for official competitions".