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"Park Residence Mingəçevir" began sale of apartments!

It is one of regional residential building’s projects of a premium class located in the heart of Mingachevir!

The oil boom in Azerbaijan caused development of other sectors of domestic economy, including construction. The area of housing stock in 2003-2013 has increased by 43% and in 2013 has reached till 166,4 million square meters. If at the beginning construction of housing covered only the capital and settlements adjoining to it, at the moment this process gains steam also in regions of the country. And, are observed here not only quantitative, but also quality changes, one can meet separate cases of construction of houses of a premium class. The striking example to it is a house of "Park Residence Mingəçevir" where one of leading developer of the Caucasus - the “AS Group Investment” Group of Companies performs its concept – a maximum comfort. As a result the house meets five standards of a premium class.

The first standard of a premium class is a location. "Park Residence Mingəçevir" is located in the environmentally friendly area, the downtown Mingachevir, on crossing of streets Islamzade and Fizuli. Boulevard and park are few steps away from a house. It is necessary to add to it amazing panorama on the river Kura and park which opens from windows of all apartments of "Park Residence Mingəçevir". By the way, amazing panorama most often is one of fundamental preferences at a choice of apartments of elite and a premium class in Europe. And in our case the panorama on the river Kura, in view of features of this river, is of particular importance. The piece of the Kura from Hydroelectric power station to the top part of the Varvara reservoir (a piece of 10 km) is the longest natural rowing channel in the Europe – unique sports base where pass grandiose rowing competitions on kayaks and a canoe including "the President's Cup". Therefore, getting the apartment in "Park Residence Mingəçevir", you have an opportunity to watch these sports competitions directly from windows of your elite apartment.

The second standard of a premium class is the height of apartments of 3,3 meters and possibility of internal planning.

The third standard of a premium class is construction of "Park Residence Mingəçevir" with application a premium technologies. Сonstruction is carried out on the basis of energy saving technologies, completely safe for health of the person, on heat, a sound and a waterproofing.

The fourth standard of a premium class - the high level of safety. The round-the-clock protection, modern system of protection against the fire ensure full safety for inhabitants of "Park Residence Mingəçevir". And application of technology of a monolithic ferroconcrete framework at construction of the building protects "Park Residence Mingəçevir" from 9-ball earthquakes.

The special attention is paid in "Park Residence Mingəçevir" to infrastructure that is also an important element of a premium class. Children's entertaining platform, silent high-speed elevators and underground parking - only the small list of advantages and conveniences of "Park Residence Mingəçevir". Nevertheless, we will note that an underground parking - the phenomenon rare so far not only for regions and the capital of Azerbaijan, but also for new buildings of the CIS countries. Besides, on the first two floors will be located commercial objects which will make available many services. Undoubtedly, to a premium standards "Park Residence Mingəçevir" should add prospects of Mingachevir city’s development. We will remind that on the base of economic indicators and population Mingachevir enters to the list of first five cities. Following the results of 2013 population in Mingachevir passed for 100 thousand. Mingachevir not only is the center of power industry of Azerbaijan, but also has enormous potential in tourism development.

Getting the apartment in "Park Residence Mingəçevir", you become the owner of housing of a premium class and favourably invest means in the future and the future of your children. You can make it directly today. Simply contact us, receive particulars and favorable offers from the builder:

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