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“AS Group Investment” – The all cicle of construction works

The volatility of currencies and the economic crisis which isn't fading since 2008 is added reality of modern world economy which significantly is aggravated by the war of sanctions between the West and Russia. Besides, economists warn about the danger of maintaining for a long time "currency wars" when the developed countries deliberately reduce the rate of the currencies to stimulate export. All this strikes the strong blow to economic stability in the world. 

Despite the successfully avoiding by the Azerbaijani economy serious economic cataclysms, thanks to successful economic policy and the strong financial base, sometimes even minor changes in the world currency market lead to the most unexpected consequences. Especially it affects the private sector, and, first of all, those companies which depend on import. Having signed contracts for deliveries of goods or service, after changes of currency rates they are compelled to reconsider anew the prices that not in the best way influences their business reputation. 

However, it should be noted that in Azerbaijan there are companies that practically don't depend on foreign factors. One of them – the international construction company "AS Group Investment". The company possesses capacities for production of concrete and ferroconcrete products, border paving and paving slabs, a reinforcement cage, macadam and sifted sand. The quality of production is controlled by modern laboratories. In the motor park of "AS Group Investment" are more than 230 units of equipment, including self-organizing motor vehicles, auto cranes, bulldozers, grader machines, and concrete mixers, stationary and mobile pumps. All of it strengthens the reputation "AS Group Investment", as a reliable business partner. 

For example, in a housing estate of a premium class of "Renessans Palace" which construction carries out "AS Group Investment", the prices didn't change since December 2014. Though during the period the price policy was reconsidered by many construction companies in Azerbaijan. 

The example of "AS Group Investment" once again indicates the importance of the resource possessing for the realization of a full cycle of works – from the production of construction materials till the construction of buildings and constructions of any complexity.