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Where are the most profitable prices for housing?

The period of high oil incomes had an impact on different sides of life in Azerbaijan. In process was involved also the housing construction. Here are occurring the significant changes, the requirements of people to new houses and apartments are changed. Rich citizens are looking for elite and premium apartments. As says Alexander Dumas, the houses like also people have its own soul and face, where is effected the inner essence. Therefore nowadays people are very attentive to the selection of new apartment.

The formed high requirement raises the prices. For Azerbaijani citizen, whose salary is only 457 manats is very difficult to catch the price raising. While most effective ratio in the world is accepted – the salary of one month is equal to one square meter of the apartment. For instance, in Azerbaijan, the prices are started from point 950 manats for one square meter. It means, for buying one square meter of housing the citizen of Azerbaijan has to work during two months. Anyway in Russia the situation is more complicated. Thus in Altai, Russia one square meter of apartment costs about three months of medium salary. For buying a one-room apartment in Barnaul the buyer has to work seven years and six months.

It is also very interesting the gap between prices in Baku. In 14 residential complexes, where the research is conducted, the prices are started from 950 manats and stopped on point 2500 manat. These significant differences between prices the construction companies explain by the location of the residential complex, parameters of the apartment and by other indicators. The average price here is 1725 manats for one square meter.

Of course, the location of the apartment has very important impact on prices. But construction company has to offer a high level of safety, parking for cars, ecological purity. Therefore the most projects in Azerbaijan are adapted to requirements of clients, whose liking has to match by profitable price.

The suitable ratio between quality and price residential complex “Renessans Palace” offers. With all standards of the housing of a premium class, it is possible to meet here also some innovations. For example, the concept, revolutionary for Azerbaijan, "the courtyard without cars" thanks to which 1,5 hectares of the area with sports infrastructure, green plantings, reservoirs and many other will be offered to the order of inhabitants. In spite of numerous advantages the average price of a square meter in a housing estate of 1650 manats that below average for the housing of a premium class in the capital. So, on the example of "Renessans Palace" it is possible to be convinced that the skilled builder can create the best ratio of quality and the price for the clients.

Of course, we have to take into account, for buying one square meter of housing in “Renessans Palace” the citizen of Azerbaijan with average salary has to work more than three months. But the housing is also premium-class.

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