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Why have to buy apartment in Mingachevir?

mng One of the priorities of development of the non-oil sector is the tourism, which is based on rich historical and cultural legacy. 2011 was declared in Azerbaijan as Year of Tourism. Besides, from year to years is increased the number of prestigious international, public, and sports events, which happens in Azerbaijan. It increases the tourist streams of foreign citizens to Azerbaijan.

It is pleasant, that very important role in the development of tourism has the regions of Azerbaijan. Their rich history and beautiful nature are the real treasure for tourists from all over the world. But together with the external tourism is developed also internal tourism. From year to year, the number of citizens, who refuses from trips abroad for the internal trip is increasing. Mingachevir and its unique landscape became one of the most popular routes. Dividing the city into two parts by Kura river opens to tourists tremendous look. The bridges are creating the atmosphere of the northern capital of Russia – St. Peterburg. On the boat, you can swim from Boulevard to dam of the hydro power plant and see a lot of interesting from the life of the city.

However, it is not the only feature of the city. The distance from hydropower plant until the Varvara reservoir (about 10 kilometers) is the longest natural rowing channel in Europe. Here in June within the first European games took place the competitions in rowing, each year takes place President's Cup in rowing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Another feature of Mingachevir no doubt is Kur - Olympic training and sports center. It was created in 1964 and long years was the place, where took place the selection and another kind of rowing competitions for sportsmen from the Soviet Union. According to the order of Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev the center was reconstructed and became the rowing center, which has not analog not only in Azerbaijan but also in Europe. In center situated administrative building, a basin for swimming, hotel for 250 places, rowing club.

The special attention must be paid to Mingachevir sea. Do not be surprised. So domestic population calls the Mingachevir reservoir, where is possible to rest in hot summer weather and enjoy with a beautiful view. Along the coast, water gets a turquoise shade, and before looks of vacationers, there is a tremendous picture. It isn't casual that in the city there are a lot of fans of fishing. Without special difficulties, it is possible to rent motor boats, fish networks or to get rods and to start "silent hunting".

However, fish dishes you can taste without this hobby. It offers practically all restaurants in Mingachevir. There is a lot of fish and in various assortment in Kura river. It makes a considerable share of a diet of residents.

Certainly, noted features turn Mingachevir into the very tempting direction for tourists. At visit of this amazing city, it is possible to stay in local hotels or leased apartments though here won't offer you a wide choice. The fund of inhabited and commercial real estate in Mingachevir is sufficiently obsolete.

However recently in this direction nevertheless positive changes are observed. In particular, in Mingachevir's center, on the crossing of Fizuli and Islamzade streets, one of the leading developers of the region - the “AS Group Investment” Group of companies builds a house of a premium class - "Park Residence". The name of a house was not born incidentally. The construction of "Park Residence" is carried out in the park which is the favorite place for rest of Mingachevir’s inhabitants.

However, it is possible to speak about advantages of "Park Residence" much: comfortable and spacious apartments with the possibility of re-planning, energy saving technologies, a facade in style of neoclassicism, an underground parking for cars, commercial infrastructure on first two floors and many other things.

But a highlight of "Park Residence" is a brilliant panorama which opens from windows of apartments on the Kura river and a close situation to the coastal boulevard. Only a few minutes of walking and you already walk on the boulevard which is also beautiful, as well as the Baku’s boulevard.

We won't be right if don't tell some words about money. Acquisition of the apartment in "Park Residence" very perspective financial investment in dynamically developing the city. Thus, if you the frequent guest in this city or plan to acquire housing in the perspective region of Azerbaijan, the apartment in the house of a premium class of "Park Residence" located in Mingachevir's center is the ideal decision.

Prestigious site and premium standards of the building, favorable conditions of acquisition of apartments - the indisputable factors creating the increased demand to this project. Therefore we recommend you to hurry as in "Park Residence" there is the limited number of apartments.