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The Chinese investors buy up real estate worldwide

The Chinese investors because of economic instability in the country rushed to the world market of real estate that already led to increases in prices for housing and commercial assets. The volume of investment makes some trillion dollars. The markets of the USA, Great Britain, and Australia are the most attractive, reports Rambler Real estate.

According to experts, the boom on the purchase of real estate by the Chinese businessmen won't stop soon. We will remind, in June the Chinese stock market failed for 40%, and last month the authorities allowed to fall and to national yuan - the national currency of China. In this context real estate — optimum and safest opportunity for storage of assets. The Chinese investors are most active in the real estate’s market of London, New York and Sydney.

Also, they are the main players in the market of real estate of the USA in general. Sales reached an indicator, record for the last 12 months, in 29 billion dollars here. Thus, 25% of all real estate bought by foreigners in the USA is the share of Chinese, the National Association of Realtors (NSR) reports.

By the way, the same indicator of the real estate bought by the Chinese investors in London - a quarter of all purchases made in this market.

It is expected that sales of houses to Chinese in Australia will make from 2015 for 2020 60 million dollars that are twice more than similar indicators for the last 6 years, reports Credit Suisse.