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"AS Group Investment" provides employment to more than 1200 people

work1200 The Ancient Chinese damnation says: "I wish you to live in the era of changes". This damnation is especially actual now, during the continuous changes in the world economy when one crisis follows another. In the conditions of modern globalization, the economy of various countries is closely interconnected. In a concrete case, economic recession in the Western countries reduces consumption of energy resources that finally promote the oil's price falling. It in turn negatively influences the economy of the oil countries, including Azerbaijan. The government of the country continues to carry out preventive measures, for the purpose of the decrease in negative consequences of oil's price falling. Support to small and average business is given, already for many years, not the oil sector is the priority direction in the economic development of the country.

The special role in development not of oil sector of the country is played by the activity of influential representatives of the private sector of the domestic economy one of which is the "AS Group Investment". Created only 12 years ago, in 2003 "AS Group Investment" achieved for the short period the significant results. The cost of the current portfolio of projects of Group exceeds 500 million dollars. In November of last year "AS Group Investment" finished construction of the first stage of the housing estate of "Dirsi", largest in the region, in May of last year near the subway station of Elmlyar Akademiyasy is began the construction of "Renessans Palace" - a housing estate of a premium class. Besides, "AS Group Investment" is the largest producer of construction materials including crushed stone, construction sand, a reinforcement cage, concrete and concrete production, ferroconcrete products. The transport park "AS Group Investment" includes more than 230 units of construction equipment. Thanks to the skillfully constructed control system, in the such difficult period "AS Group Investment" provides with employment more than 1200 people.