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January 20 - Day of the Nationwide Sorrow

20 20-th January is immortalized in memory of the Azerbaijani people as bloody January night. 26 years ago the divisions of the Soviet army aimed against wide mass who got out in the streets and squares of Baku to protest against Armenia's aggression. Army formations, breaking all international standards opened fire at ambulance cars, women, children.

Despite all attempts of the authorities of the USSR, the people's movement in Azerbaijan became unstoppable. Already on 20-th January hundreds of thousands people took to the streets to show a respect tribute to the victims of this bloody operation. Every year in the anniversary of this tragic event the Azerbaijani people visit the Alley of Martyrs to honor the memory of the victims of this bloody aggression and heroes of the Karabakh war.

20-th January is also a heroic page in the history of Azerbaijan. Martyrs wrote a modern history of Azerbaijan – history of honor, valor and pride.