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26th February is anniversary of genocide in Khojaly

k Over the night from February 25 to 26, 1992 Armenian armed forces implemented the capture of the Khojaly.

The massed firing with using artillery weapon, hard military equipment, which was began in the evening of February 25, preceded assault of the city.

As a result of this the fire began in the city and by five o'clock in the morning the whole city was in fire. The population (about 2500 people) remained in the city were forced to leave their houses in the hope to find the way to Aghdam - the district center and the nearest place mainly populated by Azerbaijanis.

But these plans have failed. Armenian armed forces with the military support of the infantry guards regiment destroyed Khojaly city and with particular brutality implemented carnage over the peaceful population. As a result: 613 people were killed, among them; 63 children, 106 women, 70 the elderly. 8 families were killed completely, 25 children lost both parents, 130 children lost one of the parents. 1275 people were hostages, 150 people among them were missing.

According to the resolution 260 (III) of the United Nations General Assembly of December 9, 1948 the genocide are the actions made with intention to destroy, in whole or in part, any national, ethnic, racial or religious group. The inhabitants of Khojaly were killed only for one reason – they were Azerbaijanians.

Armenia has occupied 20 percent of the Azerbaijani territory. It has driven 1 million people out of their homes. But it has failed to win a bright future for itself. A strong and successful Azerbaijan is the best punishment for Armenian terrorists.