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“Renessans Palace” – construction reached the 18th floor

0106 The construction of residential complex “Renessans Palace” is on 18th floor.

In blocks "A" and "B" of the first building, the construction is at the level of commercial floors. In “C”, “D” and “E” blocks construction in on underground level.

In the second building in blocks "A" and "B" construction works go on the 13th floor, in block “C” – on 18th floor, in “D” and “E” blocks construction works reached at the 17th floor.

In the block “A” of the third building construction is on 13th floor, in blocks “B”, “C” and “D” – on the 18th floor, in block “E” – on the 17th floor.

In block “A” of the fourth building construction work is on 17th, in blocks “B” and “C” on 18th floors, in blocks “D” and “E” on 17th floor.

We will remind that construction works in a 18-storeyed housing estate of a premium class "Renessans Palace" began in May of the 2014 and will be completed in the 2017.