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Renessans Palace

Developing start May 2014
Developing stage Completion of the project planned for second half of 2017

Renessans Palace is a premium class residential complex, with the highest standards of living, where the notion “house” is getting the totally new meaning. Here are provided all the conditions for the comfortable life.


The main advantages of the complex

Location – close to Park Huseyn Javid and m/s Elmler Akademiyasi 

2,7 ha protected area

The courtyard concept - "yard without vehicles" after leaving the house, you find yourself in your own park

As the movement of vehicles in the complex is banned, this ensures complete safety of your children in 24 hours a day protected area.

18-storey building, constructed with reinforced concrete frame technology 

• Granite and aglay facade

Carefully designed apartment plans and high ceilings

well-developed social, commercial and recreational infrastructure

Indoor and outdoor sports and playgrounds for those who enjoy an active lifestyle

    • Children’s playground and sport fields

    • bicycle paths

    • public gardens and gazebos

    • Full-featured infrastructure

3-level underground parking

availability of the management company, providing high-quality service for residents, security of residence, etc.



63.97 m2 - 75.66 m2 


2 bedroom apartments 

83.23 m2 - 94.55 m2 


3 bedroom apartments 

118.55 m2 - 140.57 m2 


4 bedroom apartments 

166.32 m2 - 187.45 m2


5 bedroom apartments 

204.94 m2 , 368.41 m2



277.69 m2 - 493.19 m2