Construction object: State Customs Committee of the Northern Territory Main Customs Directorate Customs post "Khanoba"

The project consists of 3 zones
Restricted area. Area - 24992.74 sq.m.
This zone includes: a 3-storey office building, Canopy 1, Canopy 2, border crossings Az-Rus, Rus-Az, vehicle inspection building, dog training center, CIP 300 scanner, portal monitors, parking for 27 cars, disinfection barrier.

Terminal for import and export. Area - 35216.91 sq.m.
This area includes: Trade Facilitation Center, cargo terminal and scanner, MCVC X-ray, 4 scales, waste water tank, transformer, 1-storey additional office building, car wash, 55 import parking spaces, 81 import parking spaces, dedicated area for the Food Safety Agency.

Area - 5923.45 sq.m.
This zone includes: a 2-storey building for additional services, a public catering area, a parking lot for 27 cars, a parking lot for 27 taxis, 11 bus stops, 4 kiosks, a parking lot for 27 cars, a shared bathroom.

Total area of ​​the territory: 65636.91 sq.m.
Contact information
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