"AS Group Investment" company established an Archimedean turbine-type hydroelectric power plant  consisting of 3 (three) hydraulic turbines of 212 kW each on the Hakari River within the framework of the "Smart Village" project in Agalı village of Zangilan region. 
The diameter of the device is 3.8 m, the length is 10.36 m, the installation angle is 22° and the nominal water consumption is 7.0 m³/s. The installed capacity of the plant is 636 kW, the annual production capacity is 5,553,200 kW which fully meets the electricity demand of the village of 3,066,678 kW . The annual average operating time of the plant is 8700 hours. The hydropower plant is equipped with three 250 kW and 50 Hz ELEK.MOTOR 250 kW 06 355M/L WFF2 type generators. During the operation of the plant, due to the generation of turbulent kinetic energy, water comes into contact with air, and as a result, additional oxygen enters the water, and this process significantly contributes to nature and the reproductive development of fish. Additionally, every 1 kW of energy produced by a hydroelectric plant reduces CO2 emissions by 0.46 kg. Thanks to the plant, an annual average of 2,554 tons of CO2 production is avoided. The biggest advantage of the Archimedes unit compared to other energy production systems is that it can produce energy from water without pressure. Additionally, small hydroelectric plants at low elevations and low flow rates are more affordable and easier to build with Archimedean turbines. Easy assembly and preparation of important technical parts in the production area and making them ready for use in the field which provide advantages from an economic point of view. The ability of fish to pass through Archimedean turbines and the production of electricity without causing fish death is a particular important in terms of environmental protection. Turbines work without creating noise pollution. Thanks to the possibility of remote control, the system can be controlled safely and maintenance costs are lower than other power plants.
Contact information
Aghali village of Zangilan region.
(+994 12) 538 29 27/28