In 2018, 5 production lines of AS Group Investment LLC: a reinforced concrete products plant (Yevlakhsky ZZHBI), a small-tonnage reinforced concrete plant (Poyatos plant), a concrete production plant (AS Beton), Guba quarry and a workshop for the production of reinforced frames were united under a single umbrella LLC "AS Istehsal".

Production lines of AS Istehsal LLC:

Yevlakh plant of reinforced concrete products
The precast concrete plant produces water supply and sewerage elements of various sizes, concrete fences, road barriers, monolithic concrete slabs, etc.

Poyatos Factory
Small-sized concrete products plant poyatos produces side stones and concrete blocks of various sizes using vibropress technology.

LLC "AS Istehsal" includes several factories produced jointly by Turkey and Italy. 2 concrete plants located in Baku and 1 in Yevlakh region produce 345 m3 of concrete per hour.

Workshop for the production of reinforced cages
G.A.M. equipment Made in Italy, it produces reinforcing frames for piles and concrete pipes of circular cross-section, and also allows the manufacture of reinforcing frames of various sizes.

Guba quarry
Guba quarry, which is part of AS Istehsal LLC, produces crushed stone with a diameter of 5-15, 15-25 and sand with a diameter of 06-08. The production capacity of the quarry is 15,000 cubic meters per month. The quarry has 5 trucks, 2 escalators, 1 loader.