One of the main reasons the company is at the forefront of building materials and construction is the focus it places on quality. Product quality tests in the laboratory go through the following stages:

Initial material control

All the initial properties of materials entering the laboratory are determined, and then their behavior in various environments is analyzed.

Process control

The probability of changes in organic and inorganic substances that make up the material under different conditions is controlled at this stage.

Supervision during transportation

Each shipment has pre-determined special rules of transportation. The process of material transport is supervised at this stage.
Control of the construction process.

Control over the amount and degree of vibration of water added to the material when it is used in construction.

The following products are tested in the Central laboratory:
• Concrete mixtures
• Heavy and fine-grained concrete
• Mortar
• Portland cement and slag Portland Cement
• Sulphate-Resistant Portland Cement
• Crushed stone and gravel from dense rocks
• Sand for construction work
• Additives for concrete

Types of tests performed by the Central laboratory:
For concrete and concrete mixtures:
Determination of fluidity and stiffness of concrete
Determination of density and porosity
Determination of concrete delamination and strength
Determination of water permeability and frost resistance of concrete
Determination of abrasion resistance

Gravel and sand tests:
Determination of the composition of granules
Determination of crushed particles
Determination of dust and clay particles
Determination of lamellar and needle-shaped grains
Determination of cracking probability
Determination of weak rocks and organic impurities
Determination of bulk and true density
Determination of humidity and water absorption rate

Cement tests:
Determination of fineness of grinding
Determination of normal density
Determination of the setting time
Determining the volume change
SNIPS-2 strength test 
Chemical method strength test 
Tests for chemical additives:
Determination of the effectiveness of chemical additives in concrete.